I have taken an unusual path to the wealth advisory profession.
I started out in life as a scientist. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Biology from Oxford University. I loved science because I loved research. My first job when I graduated from my Masters degree was as a Trainee Investment Manager at Rathbone Brothers Plc in London. I went straight from Animal Behaviour as my ‘major’ to studying for my CFA qualification. When I started that job I had no idea what an income statement was, or a balance sheet, and certainly no idea about P/E ratios or any other similar metrics. Luckily I was still in ‘study’ mode and I managed to pass the CFA exams quickly (they are notoriously difficult). I soon became an Assistant Investment Manager which meant I was regularly meeting with company CEOs, CFOs and the like – asking questions and understanding their businesses.

It was at Rathbones that I met my now husband. He was a few years ahead of me and dying to escape the ‘rat race’. He was offered a job in Grand Cayman, and since we were newly engaged, I followed him here. I was offered a job at Overseas Asset Management (Cayman) Ltd, a boutique investment company, with around $300 million under management at the time. I started work analysing companies in the European Value Fund, and soon found myself directly responsible for a portion of the fund. I was a stock-picker, very much following the Warren Buffett approach. I loved the analytical side of the work and it played beautifully into the ‘research’ background that I had. I could spend several weeks researching one company – getting to know everything I could about the industry in which it operated, and then drilling down into the financial details of the business.

However, I missed the ‘people’ side.
We didn’t have much contact with clients and my days were spent behind the screen.

Joining IFP and cultivating the relationships that I now have with my clients has been the most rewarding part of my career yet. I now use my investment management skills to manage client’s money and have done a full circle back to the ‘animal behaviour’ elements of my degree. I have a huge appreciation and passion for the behavioural and emotional side of money and investing and find myself everyday learning something new about what makes us the way we are.