The Weather and the Stock Market

We flew to the UK yesterday for our much anticipated annual trip to see all our wonderful family and friends.  For the past three months social media has been covered with the most beautiful photos of England enjoying the best summer since 1976.  If you are not a Brit, and you have never visited England in the sunshine, honestly, I may be a bit biased, but there is nowhere like England when the sun shines.  The problem is, the sun doesn’t shine that much.  Until 2018, and then it doesn’t stop shining…..right up until the minute the Loxton family set foot on British soil.  And then it rains. FULL STORY

Finding your purpose and living a meaningful life

Sometime ago I came across a letter that Hunter S Thompson wrote in 1958, and it resurfaced in my inbox this week.  The letter was in response to his friends’ request for life advice.

As you might have seen I left my job last week to launch my own wealth management firm.

My Mum (my biggest guide) has always told me that all through my life I have ‘taken things in my stride’.  I am able to dust myself off, get up and keep going.  I have to say though, there have been a few moments in the last week or so…sleep has been patchy and at times, my stomach has felt like it was doing acrobatics.

Coming across this letter again was good timing.  It’s a wonderful reminder of what life is all about, and today, being Saturday, things feel very much back in balance.


The best plan is the one you can stick to.

There are so many similarities between successful investing and staying fit and healthy.  Both are really simple in theory, but really hard in practice. They are hard because they both need a really important ingredient – discipline.  There isn’t really a holy grail to either endeavor.  It’s just about picking a plan and sticking to it.  But what I have realized is that a suboptimal plan that you can stick to is better than a great plan that you can’t stick to. FULL STORY

Serendipity everywhere

Here’s a funny thing.  I wrote a newsletter a couple of weeks ago for my clients about luck, serendipity and how those thing apply in life and in investing.  You can read it here, if you are interested.  And then, in a serendipitous fashion, the word serendipity popped up everywhere – I keep reading about it….people keep using the word…it just seems to be EVERYWHERE. FULL STORY

The Happiness Smile

I have been thinking a bit recently about life in two halves.  You can define the two halves in a few different ways, but from a money standpoint they are called accumulation and decumulation.  That is, we spend the first half of our life in our career, sometimes being all-consumed by it, in the pursuit of money and the accumulation of things.  Then at some point, we move into the second half, which is where we start to live off what we have accumulated…we decumulate.  Around that time of  decumulation can come some changes in mindset.  For many it’s a deeper period of life, where one starts to seek more meaning and purpose and dare I say it…happiness. FULL STORY

Homes as investments (again)

I am revisiting this subject (I last wrote about it here), and I know it’s a slightly contentious one.  I have come to realise that people love houses, and generally they think of them as good investments.  You can touch them, feel them, see them and of course live in them.  They feel safe. FULL STORY

Musings on Mother’s Day

This mother’s day seems quite poignant for me, because two of my sisters had baby girls this week – they were born five days apart.  For my parents it was their tenth and eleventh grandchildren.  Less than three months ago my brother and his wife had their third baby girl.  So when I go back to England this summer I will have three new baby nieces to meet. FULL STORY

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