Starting from a small base

Compounding is one of life’s magical forces.  It’s about the incredible power that comes from doing small things consistently, over a long period of time.  In a recent piece Morgan Housel wrote that compounding is not intuitive, so it’s systematically overlooked and underappreciated.   FULL STORY

When ‘I do’ becomes ‘I don’t’

Most couples intend their marriage to be forever.  They wholeheartedly believe in their vows, but despite promising to get through ‘better or worse’, sometimes the worse becomes too much.  The decision to separate and ultimately divorce is surely one of the hardest of one’s life.  With it comes huge upheaval and emotional turmoil.  It also involves the undoing of a financial relationship. FULL STORY

The power of girls and team sports

My weeks are pretty busy, and I have always loved the quiet pace we have had as a family at the weekends.  We have always tended to lie fairly low, with not too much scheduled time.  However, the kids are getting older and there are clubs and activities that have started to kick in.  This morning I took my daughter to netball at 8am (which despite the fact that I am up at 5am Monday to Friday, seemed really early) and my husband took the boys to rugby.  FULL STORY

Talent v no talent

I wrote an article a while back about how my industry is full of charlatans (and that may be a little too kind).

This author articulates the same point. He talks about a ten minute video being sent to him of people predicting a crash “within the next 12 months”.  Along with the sentence “these guys are really smart. They know what they are talking about”. FULL STORY

What you think, you become.

The other week I went to listen to the fearless, determined, strong and committed Virginia Czarnocki talk about stepping outside your comfort zone.  She talked about how making a change in our life is literally as simple as taking a step, then another step, and then one more.  Virginia’s words really resonated with me, both in my life, and also in the work that I do helping women. FULL STORY

Invest in yourself early and often. #NextGenUnite #NextGenInspired

I write about all sorts of things related to money, but the overriding principles are about building wealth so that you have freedom and choices to live the life that makes your heart sing.

Most financial planners, and me included, will tell you that the principles are simple.  You need to spend less than you earn, live well beneath your means, save regularly and invest often.  Mostly we talk about investing in stock markets.  This can backfire sometimes as it can lead people to spend too much time focusing on the markets, on what the market might do next, when the next crash might happen, that sort of thing.  Those things that are completely out of your control.  We have no ability to change the course of the markets, or the timing of the next crash. FULL STORY

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