The Happiness Smile

I have been thinking a bit recently about life in two halves.  You can define the two halves in a few different ways, but from a money standpoint they are called accumulation and decumulation.  That is, we spend the first half of our life in our career, sometimes being all-consumed by it, in the pursuit of money and the accumulation of things.  Then at some point, we move into the second half, which is where we start to live off what we have accumulated…we decumulate.  Around that time of  decumulation can come some changes in mindset.  For many it’s a deeper period of life, where one starts to seek more meaning and purpose and dare I say it…happiness. FULL STORY

Homes as investments (again)

I am revisiting this subject (I last wrote about it here), and I know it’s a slightly contentious one.  I have come to realise that people love houses, and generally they think of them as good investments.  You can touch them, feel them, see them and of course live in them.  They feel safe. FULL STORY

Musings on Mother’s Day

This mother’s day seems quite poignant for me, because two of my sisters had baby girls this week – they were born five days apart.  For my parents it was their tenth and eleventh grandchildren.  Less than three months ago my brother and his wife had their third baby girl.  So when I go back to England this summer I will have three new baby nieces to meet. FULL STORY

Life hacks for avoiding tempation

I have been following a blogger called Mr Money Mustache (MMM) for a while.  I have written about him before (here).  He fascinates me.  He essentially started the FIRE movement – Finally Independent, Retire Early – which has attracted a real following online.  The movement is about getting down to the bare bones of spending and saving 50%, 60% or even 70% of your salary.  You don’t have to do that for very long to be able to retire.  It’s extreme in some ways and definitely doesn’t appeal to everyone, but there is something in it for sure (after all, philosophers have for hundreds of years known that having money and things won’t automatically lead to lasting happiness).   FULL STORY

What is possible?

I wouldn’t describe myself as a dreamer, but I dream a lot (I think there is a difference). My husband Al and I have been dreaming about a new boat for at least five years. Whenever we go away and fall in love with a new place, I dream about buying a house there. We just spent the weekend with a couple who quit their jobs as a lawyer and an investment banker, bought a 45-foot catamaran and are now half-way through sailing around the world with their 6- and 8-year old sons. Now we are dreaming about sailing around the world (or maybe part of the way around). FULL STORY

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